“Liebster Award “

Thanks to my loveliest friend and wonderful writer Sunipukadiyil , “Fragrant flowers and recipies “for nominating me for the Liebster Award . I am both honored and humbled that you thought of me .if you haven’t checked out Sunipukadiyil’s blog , so what are you waiting for ? you can find Sunipukadiyil here

please visit her blog and encourage her for getting loveliest fragrance and taste in future .



1 things that bloggers who nominating you .

2 Share 11 facts about you .

3 answer the 11 Questions the blogger asked you .

4 Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy.

5 make up to all 11 questions and ask them .

6 notify your 11 nominees .

Facts about me

1 I got a master’s degree in zoology specialization in fisheries .

2 I have done integrated diploma in travel and tourism management .

3 I have some knowledge of public administration and philosophy .

4 I value people on the basis of their qualities and not on the basis of their social and economic status .

5 I don’t believe in hurting anyone .

6 I am a very ground to earth person and like to stay away from the people people who believe to pump and show .

7 I am a perfectionist and try to bring perfection in every work .

8 I believe in honesty because honesty is the best policy .

9 I hate lies .I forgive those who admit their mistakes .

10 I exercise every day .

11 I am foodie .

Answer the Questions

1 do you fed up with your household duties ?

No , I’m not fed up with my household duties because I feel good to shoulder my duties .

2 Do you like lying ?

I don’t like lying Because it create misunderstanding as well as dissatisfaction .People do not believe the speaker and he becomes a laughingstock .

3 How do you feel when someone ill-treated ?

We are surrounded by the people who are ill treated by others ,no of people are doing so ,Every one is the victim of discrimination sometimes on the basis of religion, origin ,sex ,caste, sometimes on the basis of socio and economic status .I don’t like any kind of discrimination ,It is the violence of our fundamental rights ,Our Constitution as well as Nature provide the same rights .

4 Do you like back biting ?

No, I’m a clear-cut person if I have a problem with someone i tell the person clearly .

5 what do you think about the people who drive on the wrong side on the road ?

I don’t like people who driving wrong side on the road because their slight carelessness can kill people. These kind of people not only breaks the rules but also puts people’s lives in danger .

6 what do you think about any kind of pretend ?

I don’t like any kind of pretense because caring for someone is an internal issue sometimes because of pretending we become unable to recognize the real people who loves and care .

7 what do you think about the littering the environment ?

we should preserve our environment because it is important factor of healthy life .If we protect the environment today, tomorrow it will protect us and our future generations .

8 do you like that kind of people who pretend to hold all kinds of powers and they ill treated others ?

No, pretend and care both are the different things .Care entails a feeling of love and showing off can be helpless.Truth is from the heart ,Just as a lie suppresses the truth for some time, in the same way, showing off the truth for some time only .sometimes the person have the special experience They can guide but it could be in real sense because we all are equal the feeling of superiority is the kind of in equality .

9 This is totally against the humanity. When God has made everyone equal then any kind of discrimination with any person is unfair.

10 what do you think about procrastination ?

Disposal of work on time gives better results and after the passage of time, the thing loses its importance, therefore one should always follow this rule, call today, do it today, so now .

11 do you like to wake up early in the morning ?

If I have any work so I get up early in the morning otherwise I like to wake up late . I used to study at night, so it has been a habit to wake up late, whereas I know that waking up late is harmful to health.

questions for my nominees are

1 what is something that most people learn only after it’s too late ?

2 Do you also think that the false conceit of the superior is making us fall into the eyes of each other and weakening our image at the international level as well ?

3 Do you also believe in delay or believe that there is nothing called delay ?

4 the house is on fire ,but everyone is safely out ,the beds are safely out ,and all wallets and cash are saved .if you could make one last thing to get something what would it be ?

5 In the absence of human values, the imagination of human is itself a human inferiority ?

6 If you could ask advice from any historical figure who would it be why would you ask them and why ?

7 if you are tired somehow survived and grew up in the wildness without any human contact ,how ” human ” would they be without the influence of society and culture ?

8 If life is more important than love then why do people die in love while life is more than love ?

9 Do you think that in today’s time, one can give up their desires, whereas in today’s time, each person’s life is revolving around desires ?

10 Today, the person seems to be most concerned about himself, being worried for the next generation is just a show off, do you think it is right?

11 Do you also think that if victory is a priority then defeat is also important and why ?

My nominees are

1 Mr. Ravi singh

2 Mr. Shiva Narayan

3 Mr. Obaid khan

4 Mr. Nilzeitung

5 prof. mitch

6 Mr. Samyak singh

7 Mr. Madhu soodan

8 Mabm

9 Raaj Soni

10 kumar parma

11 Rock shayar Mr. Irfan


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  1. I am feeling very happy for your great words! And to know more about you! 😊
    Oh this is great to hear you have a master degree in zoology and done TTM, and knowledge of administration and philosophy. 😍
    Yes ofcourse value their own qualities!💙
    Ground to earth, don’t want to hurt, perfectionist! 🏵
    Yes honestly is the policy.
    Ahahah you are a foodie!
    Not fed up with household duties, don’t like lying, clear back biting, in equality, discrimination, should preserve environment for future generations, excercise, scheduled your time for education and job!
    Great facts and answers!💯 Congratulations! 👏👏👏
    Have a blessed day!😊

    Liked by 2 लोग

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